Studio Policy

Policies are in place to provide consistency during the course of music instruction. A signed copy will be retained during the course of study at the piano studio.


All students who are interested in joining will begin by scheduling a one-time 30-minute trial lesson. The trial lesson fee is $15 dollars, should a student choose to register, a one time $40 registration fee is due in order to hold your time slot and receive your instructional materials. The registration fee covers books and materials required for music study, as well as the maintenance of the studio equipment.


Students may use our online scheduling system available by selecting Registration and Scheduling. Online scheduling is also accessible by visiting

Lessons and Tuition

Lessons are held in 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute time slots. Tuition is broken up in monthly increments and payment is due in full at the beginning of the month.

30 minute lessons = $120 a month or $150 during a 5 week month (recommended for young beginners ages 4-8)

45 minute lessons = $180 a month or $225 during a 5 week month (recommended for adolescent and early teenagers ages 8-13).

60 minute lessons = $240 a month or $300 during a 5 week month (recommended for all students ages 14+, or for serious adolescent beginners) 

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, credit or debit, although a 2.75% fee will be assessed for credit or debit payments. After a student has paid for the month, an invoice will be sent via email, unless a paper copy is requested.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are available for siblings, couples, or friends who wish to study together. Studying in a group adds support to the learning process and are a lot of fun! Groups may only be in pairs of 2 and are only available for 45 minute and 60 minute time slots.

Group tuition rates:

45 minute lessons = $220 a month or $275 during a 5 week month

60 minute lessons = $280 a month or $350 during a 5 week month

Missed Lessons and Cancellations

If a student cannot make a lesson, please us know with plenty of advance so we can reschedule. If given greater than 24 hour notice, we will do everything we can to find another time to reschedule the lesson, and if this is not possible, we will credit the lesson to the next month. However, if a student is a no call/ no show, we reserve the right not to credit the lesson in the absence of an extenuating circumstance (such as a car accident, family tragedy, medical illness, or a sudden school or work conflict)… In any event, please call if you are unable to make a lesson and we will be more than happy to work with you!

Practice Policy

It is of upmost importance that student’s dedicate time to regular practice at home! In order to do this, a proper well functioning, full sized (88 keys) piano with weighted keys is necessary.


Performing is an essential and exciting part of learning an instrument. Throughout the year, we will host several performance recitals at locations to be announced within 2 months advance in order to prepare. While performance is not obligated, it is highly encouraged!

Summer Months

Lessons will operate as usual during the summer months and all students are highly encouraged to continue lessons during the summer. The studio may periodically take vacation, and will notify all students with 1 to 2 months notice.