Piano Lessons

Beginner Piano Lessons

Taking the first step toward’s learning to play the piano can be challenging! However, with over 10 years of teaching experience we have helped hundreds of students fulfill their dreams. Whether you are a child or an adult, we have the expertise to guide you towards learning to play like a master musician.

As a Beginner You Will Learn To:

  • Read music with ease
  • Play with a steady and solid sense of rhythm
  • Listen to and analyze different styles of music
  • Play the music you love
  • Perform with confidence and grace
  • Build strength in the fingers
  • Understand the historical context of different styles

Advanced Piano Lessons

Many students come to us with years of playing experience. Most have studied with an other teachers or have been self taught and feel they are stuck in a rut. 

To Advance Your Playing You Will:

  • Work on more challenging repertoire
  • Learn advanced music theory
  • Compose your own music
  • Receive immediate ongoing feedback
  • Work on technical exercises to build speed and finger strength
  • Discover the nuances of different styles
  • Improve sight reading
  • Perform duets

 Jazz and Modern Piano Styles

Our main focus is jazz, pop, musical theatre, gospel, blues, rock, singer-songwriter and latin music styles. In order to play these styles you must have a solid understanding of harmony and melody as it relates to modern music.

Studying Modern Piano You Will Learn:

  • How to play all chord types seamlessly
  • Stylistically appropriate chord voicings
  • How melodies are created
  • To improvise over any tune
  • How to read from a lead sheet
  • To play in the context of a band or with a singer